James West

James is a self-taught writer, investor, and armchair economist. He’s studied economics, history, literature, monetary policy, mining, agriculture, physics, programming, internet, filmmaking, and music. He is financed and runs multiple businesses.

James is irreverent, controversial and anti-establishment. He hates all government hypocrisy. He believes the markets are designed by the financial elite for the sole purpose of stealing everyone’s wealth. He believes governments are employed by the financial elite to steal everything in sight and send it up the food chain. He believes the Wall Street guys are whores.

James loves it when the little guy wins. He’s a huge fan of self-reliance, going off grid, hunting, fishing, and growing his own food. Last year, James bought a farm in southern Ontario, named Cardinal Farm. In addition to working on the grounds, he’s completely restoring the main home, originally built in 1910.

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Why the April Jobs Report Was Better Than Mainstream Media Thinks

Good day, everyone!  Although I suppose you might not know it’s a good day if you’re watching mainstream media. The folks at CNBC and Bloomberg have been hard at work all morning distributing doom and gloom following the April jobs report released early Friday. Yes, it was incredibly disappointing if […]

Danavation: The Future of Digital Retail Technology

Danavation Technologies Corp. (CNSX: DVN) is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company with products that have vast applications across the retail industry and beyond. Mainly, Danavation has developed micro e-paper displays, named Digital Smart Labels™ (DSL), which digitize the retail experience – automating labeling, price, product information and promotions. […]

U.S. Cannabis MSO vs. Canadian L.P. — Top 4 Weed Stocks

The stock market has clearly been favoring the Canadian licensed producers (LP) over the U.S. multi-state operators (MSO). This is evident by the massive stock price rise in Canadian names. In this interview, Faircourt Asset Management CEO and Ninepoint Alternative Health Fund Manager Charles Taerk makes a strong case as […]

Last Chance To Invest in Emerald Health Pharmaceutical’s Private Financing

Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals is a science-based company that uses the unique convergence of science, biology, and cannabis molecules like Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) to create new molecules – which can elicit beneficial effects (that CBD doesn’t) to potentially treat so-far incurable diseases. This company is distinct from the public company we […]

The Fastest Growing Sector Within Alternative Foods

Since our last interview with Eat Beyond Global Holdings (CNSX: EATS) (OTCMKTS: EATBF) (FRA: 988), the stock price has seen some consolidation. Having commenced trading on Nov. 17, the shares shot out of the gate – up almost 400% at their highs. The initial capital market’s success was based on the next […]

Elon Musk’s Plan To Take Over the World

Midas Letter RAW is the irreverent/intelligent show about investing for the little guy. Former stockbroker and reformed accountant Ed Milewski brings his expert but off-beat technical chart observations into focus while investment writer James West offers plain language critique of the machinations, shenanigans, and subterfuge foisted on retail investors by […]

3 ‘Boring’ Stocks Making Large Gains

Nothing is boring about making money… But for most of 2020, the cool and shiny technology stocks could do no wrong and led the stock market to profitable highs. So, as investors are looking for new opportunities to make large gains away from FAANG stocks and the usual suspects in […]

Slang Worldwide: Leading the Way in Cannabis Consumer Packaged Goods

Slang Worldwide Inc. (OTCMKTS: SLGWF) (CNSX: SLNG) have been quietly going about their business, while many cannabis companies have struggled this past year. The Slang stock price is currently up 300% over the past year. Slang is most easily described as a cannabis-focused consumer packaged goods (CPG) and branding company, while […]

Is Bitcoin Going To $400K?

Midas Letter RAW is the irreverent/intelligent show about investing for the little guy. Former stockbroker and reformed accountant Ed Milewski brings his expert, but off-beat technical chart observations into focus. While investment writer James West offers plain-language critique of the machinations, shenanigans and subterfuge foisted on retail investors by the […]