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The Truth About Payment for Order Flow Explained

Payment for order flow has created a little bit of a frenzy on Wall Street, fueling a debate that the practice is meant to front-run the little guy. Robinhood has been in the spotlight recently for how payment for order flow affects the people who use its app to place […]

From Pizza Boy To Expert Options Trader

When most people think about financial experts, they don’t normally imagine someone who grew up in a family just getting by on every paycheck. New Money Crew Head Trader Joshua Belager was told all he’d ever be was white trash… so he proved them wrong.  He dreamed about fame and […]

Trade This, Fade That: A Semiconductor Stock To Watch and 1 To Avoid

The tech sector has been roaring higher over the past year: A pandemic-driven work-from-home culture emerged and people had to turn to their computers to make a living. This trend is obviously carrying over into 2021 — many people are still working remotely — which will only contribute to the […]

Avoid This Unusual Options Activity Mistake: EA Acquires GLUU Stock

There was big news for the video game industry this week: After the closing bell on Tuesday, Electronic Arts announced it was going to acquire Glu Mobile for $2.4 billion. However, days before the news broke, our system picked up unusual options activity… This activity was also mentioned on CNBC, but […]

Unusual Options Activity Leads To Million-Dollar Trade

Now that the GameStop frenzy has ended, it’s time for investors to begin looking for other opportunities in the stock market. And today we have a very interesting trade idea to show you in an under-the-radar stock that caught our attention. You see, an institution just sold a million dollars worth of […]

Silver Short Squeeze 2021: Pump and Dump?

Silver was floating around in the financial media last weekend — mentioned on the radio, news channels and the newspaper — generally being hyped up to investors. Why? People are coming off their GameStop adrenaline high and looking for their next fix. There’s a worldwide guessing game underway to figure […]

How To Trade Biden’s $1.9T Relief Package

The stock market has been focused on continued stimulus since the pandemic. President Joe Biden’s administration just proposed a $1.9 trillion virus relief package. If this gets approved it will add to the current $27 trillion in debt. So what will all of this mean for your stocks? And most […]

Trade This, Fade That: 2 Stay-at-Home Stocks With Vastly Different Results

For today’s trade idea, we’re going to cover “Trade This, Fade That.” As the title suggests, we’re going to provide you with a stock we like right now… and one we don’t. The first stock is one that we actually lost some money on back in August. It’s a stay-at-home […]

No. 1 Indicator Every Investor Trader Must Watch In 2021

Do you know what index every single investor  should be watching in 2021? Understanding this one indicator will improve how you trade and invest in the stock market in 2021. Here’s a hint, it’s how Wall Street spells fear: V-I-X. The Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) is a real-time index that […]