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Big Income From Lagging Social Media Stocks

Over the past few months, social media giants — like Facebook and Twitter — have done a terrific job of bouncing back from the February downturn that rampaged through the market.  In light of social isolation causing consumers to stay home and communicate via their favorite social media network, it […]
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Top Momentum Stocks for the Next 90 Days

The next three months are going to be crucial…  The markets are extremely divided, and we’re not in a typical bull market where you can throw money into an index fund and count on everything to rise.  Those days are over.  That’s why you need to be extremely picky with […]
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Why We Love Weekly Pivots

“What the heck is a weekly pivot, and why should I even care?” It’s a great question, and one we saw on our Twitter recently. Here’s the thing: If you follow the right formula, you could hit your weekly pivot points 90% of the time… Essentially predicting your stock’s trend […]
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These Strange REITs Are Here to Stay

In 1960, President Eisenhower changed income investing forever. That’s when he signed the Cigar Excise Tax Extension, spanning a variety of unrelated tax laws. Buried inside this 13-page bill was the Real Estate Investment Trust Act. Better known as REITs, these investments were once the domain of the wealthy. Now, […]
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How to Spend Your Winnings

We think one of the most important aspects of being a successful trader is the ability to sit back, relax, and take care of yourself! Always remember to take some time to do the things you enjoy. Because when you’re trading in order to do more of the things that […]
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Best Penny Stocks to Own Later

Smaller stocks tend to be more speculative… And highly speculative stocks usually rise during the first stage of a bull market and are the first to fall during a bear market.  We’re likely to see an upward shift in this group of stocks.  Bargain hunters that get in ahead of […]
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A Beginner Trader’s Mind

Do you remember when you first started trading? Things were so fresh and new… always trying out new indicators and discovering a pattern you’ve never recognized before. Things were exciting.  But after so many years, traders tend to get stuck in a rut and start missing simple solutions to their […]
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2 Small-Cap Biotech Stocks To Watch

Anyone that’s turned on the TV or doesn’t live in a bubble knows that the pandemic has wrecked major havoc on society.  But destruction often breeds opportunity, and almost all market corrections come with a silver lining…  I’ve detected a sector that’s seeing a massive increase of institutional accumulation. And it’s […]
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A Look At the FX Markets

One of the most important figures you’ll see on the economic calendar this week is that another 2 million people are expected to lose their jobs. And with a number of major economic releases coming up, it’s a good time to take a look at the long-term charts and ask […]