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Trading When the Markets Are in Your Favor

For this week’s trade idea, we want to continue an opportunity from last week and go over a possible Russell 2000 E-mini contract play. An E-mini contract is a futures contract that is worth one fifth of the corresponding full-sized contract. The first thing we noticed when looking at the […]

The First Trading Pattern of 2021

It’s finally happened, traders… and it only took four days in the new year to come about… Our first trade idea for 2021. We’re the type of traders who like to trade a pattern until it breaks. And with the trend we’re seeing now, we’ll be in this trade as long as […]

Empower Your Trading With Fundamental News

Happy New Year and welcome back to life after the holidays! In an effort to start 2021 nice and easy, we thought we could cover one of the simplest ways that investors can determine future trading opportunities. Fundamental trading news plays a key role when trading the markets. The aim of trading on fundamental news […]

Count Your Pips… Not Your Cash

Have you ever wondered how many pips it takes to buy a house? It’s crazy how much trading has skewed our perception of money, and how we think in terms of the price of something. In case anyone has forgotten trading terminology over this  much-deserved holiday break, a price interest point […]

Choosing the Right Futures Trading Broker

We’ve come to realize that most of our followers are new traders, so we’d like to slow things down and start with the basics: How to actually start trading. Spirit, money and determination mean nothing if you don’t have a platform to trade on, and that’s where stock brokers come […]

Why You Shouldn’t Trade the News

Ever head of the saying “buy the rumor, sell the news”? It’s a strategy some investors use that involves buying a stock based on a rumor and then proceeding to sell it once the news hits. Breaking news and current events have the ability to affect the stock market for […]

Figuring Out Fibonacci

Some investors call it the “Golden Ratio”... But Josh Martinez calls it his “Trading Hail Mary.” It's one of the only tools he likes to use when he wants to minimize my risk in a trade while maximizing my profits.

What to Do After Taking Your First Trading Course

So, you took your first trading course… congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a successful trader, but what about the second step? What should you do once you’ve taken your first class? You certainly can’t just jump straight into trading, it’s not going to be that easy. Becoming profitable […]

Ultimate Guide to Trading Wall Street

Let’s say you’re brand new to all the stock market nonsense and you’re trying to figure out what the heck all this stuff means. You can’t just dive head first into trading. You’ll drown. The best way to dip your toes into the water is to find a way to […]