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What’s Wrong With the Stock Market Right Now? Well, Everything…

The market looks rosy and bright for a lot of investors at the moment… But can you blame them? If the economy is growing strong, then the market will rebound in response. If the economy is weak, then the government will give people more free money. It’s a win-win.  However, […]

How To Properly Set Trading Goals for Yourself

When you first started investing, did you trade just to trade? Or did you have an end goal set in place? There’s a popular phrase we like to say around here: “Not planning is planning to fail.” It’s smart and strategic to have an end goal in mind about what you plan to accomplish […]

How To Anticipate Where the Market Is Heading

At the end of the day, your job as a trader is to buy low and sell high. One of the easiest (and the most effective) things you can do to make successful trades is learn how to find future high prices and future low prices. This is also the […]

Why You’re Late To Trading Opportunities: FOMO

Do you ever see exciting news announced on mainstream financial media that you know is going to impact the stock market… but when you make the trade for yourself, you always end up with a loss? Wall Street (of course) has a phrase for this (of course): “Buy the rumor, […]

How To Make $5K Trading a Non-Farm Payroll Report Day

Do you know what a non-farm payroll (NFP) day is? The NFP report is published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on the first Friday of every month and represents the number of jobs the economy gained during the month before that aren’t farm related. The report shows investors […]

Do You Have the Discipline To Trade the Nasdaq?

We always talk about the best methods to use when investors want to find the prime time to enter a trade… but do you have the skills to know when to stay out of one? Oftentimes, the fear of missing out (FOMO) — a lack of discipline and becoming too emotional […]

Is Gold in the Middle of Consolidation? Market Analysis — and How to Trade It

We noticed that gold has been trading in a pretty tight channel since last year and it looks to be entering a consolidation zone. So we did some digging. When looking at the gold futures market, we like to use the daily chart because the larger time frame helps us understand the […]

What Is the Tunnel Trader Strategy? Everything You Need to Know

This new strategy that helps you focus on what you’re doing in the stock market is destined to give you tunnel vision. “Tunnel trading” a visual guide that can help you trade the futures market and can be used on any futures symbol. But we specifically like to use it on the […]

Should You Enter the Nasdaq 100 This Week?

Do you have any core beliefs when it comes to trading the markets? You know, the beliefs that you stick to no matter what’s going on with Wall Street or your portfolio. We do. Our most important trading beliefs define how we act in the market. For example, we believe […]