We Were Family: Life Lessons Learned Through Small-Market Sports

In spite of the increasing sunshine and familiar smells of spring, the global quarantine has made days feel like they’re all twilight.

You Might Want to Liquidate These 2 Stocks Now!

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been selecting the strongest stocks and sectors to help you profit during the current pandemic.

2 Solar Stocks With Massive Upside

Today, while other investors try to stock up on beaten-down airline stocks waiting for a reversal that Warren Buffett says could take years, I’m focused on two stocks in an industry that has remained almost untouched by the recent pandemic. I’m talking about the solar energy industry. Demand for solar […]

How to Trade the Divergence in the Stock Market and Economic Data

20.5 million Americans lost their jobs last month. A decade worth of employment growth gone. But the stock markets has been on the rise.

Conversation with Katusa: The Biggest Short Squeeze in History

If you aren’t paying attention to the global squeeze of U.S. Dollars then you need to get up to speed quick.

2 Small 5G Stocks Ready to Jump

5G is coming… Every person will be affected by the release of this technology and the markets are working overtime to try to prepare for when that day comes. Once 5G comes, there will be a BOOM of possibilities and we want to make sure to be ready when it […]

These 3 Stocks Are Poised To Boom During The Pandemic

The Coronavirus has presented many challenges to healthcare workers, the economy and traders. The uncertainty in markets are at a all-time high. We ask ourselves as traders and investors… How do we learn from this? How do we profit from this? How do we take advantage of the happenings in the […]

2 Stocks Ready to Breakout

Working from home is no longer a privilege… it’s become a necessity due to recent stay-at-home orders.

My Top Gold Stock

Gold has been rallying for the last couple of months, and to be honest, it’s just having an all-around solid year.