Top Pharma Stocks Trading Outside of the Business Cycle

We’ve experienced more trading action in the past month than ever before... And while the overall market seems to be recovering (and trading above the 200-day MA), there are several clues indicating the foundation isn’t solid.

Higher Momentum With Top Pot Stocks

Folks, over these last few months, most sectors have been hit hard.

This Airline Stock Looks Ready To Take Off

It’s no surprise to anyone that the last few months have been a “turbulent” time for the airline industry. With government mandated travel restrictions in place, this industry has been hurting this quarter.

Locked Up Stocks Attempting to Breakout

If you’ve been watching all of my videos, then you already know that I love REITs.

Why We Love Weekly Pivots

“What the heck is a weekly pivot, and why should I even care?”

How to Build an Investment Profit Ladder

Stocks started this week on another high note. The S&P 500 had been on a tear since the dip in March due to the virus.
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Stocks Deadlier Than COVID 19

U.S. stocks plunged this morning after the Federal Reserve signaled concern over a second wave of infections amid increasing reports of new cases popping up in numerous countries.
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Traders Roundtable — Candid, Unrehearsed, and Unscripted

As of this writing, the DOW and S&P 500 have both dipped into the red, while the NASDAQ has managed to remain in the green by less than 1%.

The Walking Dead: Zombie Companies Eating the Market Alive

A few weeks ago, I wrote about one of the strangest days of my professional career, where crude oil prices went significantly negative over the course of a single trading session. Well, Monday’s session gave April 20, 2020 a run for its money, as not one, but two financially distraught companies I follow…