How to Play China Stock Market Surge

COVID-19 cases have been continuing to increase and the economic forecasts outlook has been revised lower by the banks again… Yet, even with these negative catalysts in worldwide markets, China risks inflating another stock market bubble. Investors in Chinese stocks are jumping in aggressively to say the least. The CSI 300 […]

Ride the Gold Rush With These 2 Stocks

If you read my article yesterday explaining how Gold’s value is achieved, how the precious metal is correlated to the U.S. dollar and why the commodity is about to explode higher, you may have come to the same conclusions as Roger Scott in today’s video. The spot gold price is […]

Understanding Gold and Why its Going to Explode Higher

I am no longer surprised by how misunderstood gold is in the historical monetary context. Detractors like to point out its uselessness as a fungible unit of trade (you can’t buy a loaf of bread with a bar of gold) while wizened investors maintain a 10-15% allocation to gold in […]

How to Trade 4th of July Short Week

It’s a holiday-shortened in North America this week. It’s Canada’s birthday Wednesday and, of course, U.S. markets are closed on Friday as it’s the 4th of July. So expect markets to behave a little oddly this week and be somewhat front-loaded. In broad market news, there are a few catalysts which […]

4 Premium Stocks as Markets Drop

The U.S. is halting the reopening of the economy as Coronavirus cases hit record highs, stimulus money is running out and we don’t seem to be any closer to a vaccine or accurate testing… Market conditions are eerily similar to right before the first outbreak of the pandemic… Due to […]

How Traders can Surf the Coronavirus Second Wave

The market has finally woken up to the reality of a COVID-19 second wave. US cases are up more than 15% in the last two weeks with cases rising in 18 states mainly in the South, West and Midwest. Global cases has also risen above 9 million with more than 450,000 […]

Tech Stocks: The New Safe Haven?

FAANG stocks and the largest technology stocks have dominated in a year of uncertainty (to put it lightly). Their consensus P/E ratios are forecast to be the highest in decades. As the economy has been decimated due to the Coronavirus and company earnings estimates have been hit in correlation, the largest […]

The Trade Setup to Profit from Market Volatility

How quick can economies emerge from the Coronavirus and the corresponding lockdowns? How much impact will tariffs and a potential trade war have on markets? The uncertainty in markets is at an all time high as no one can reasonably answer these questions and predict the future price action. Not […]

How to Trade Options in Today’s Market

The S&P 500 Index (INDEXSP:.INX) has turned negative yet again this morning. New data has come out showing a recent surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations in Texas. This news has caused markets to reverse directions and start heading back into downfall. This comes after three days of rise in the stock […]