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My Second Major Takeaway From Buffett’s Annual Letter

Earlier this week, we discussed Warren Buffett’s annual letter… and today we’re back with Part II of the two most important takeaways from his 2021 edition.  Dating back to 1965, Buffett’s annual letter has arrived to much fanfare. It’s posted for full public consumption, and there’s even a book compiling […]
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The Top 2 Takeaways From Buffett’s Annual Letter — Part I

It’s that time of year again, when investors tune in to read the Warren Buffett annual letter to shareholders to see what information they can glean from the Oracle of Omaha.  Every year dating back to 1965, Buffett, the greatest investor of our generation, releases this annual letter to shareholders. […]
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Why Bitcoin Is Crashing Again — and Should You Buy the Dip?

Amid the continuing GameStop frenzy, crypto has also been hot… A lot of people are wondering if Bitcoin will crash again — and whether they should buy the dip.  Earlier this week, Bitcoin hit a fresh record high on news that Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin […]
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What GameStop’s Latest 200% Explosion Means for the Market

If you thought the short squeeze saga was over… think again. Shares of GameStop were up 100% after hours Wednesday after suddenly exploding before the close, finishing up 103.94% at the closing bell.  And as you guys know, GameStop went bonkers a couple of weeks ago, propped up by the […]
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The Real Reason Robinhood Is Blocking Some of Your Trades

This past year saw riots all over the country in the face of rising political tensions. Now, in the first month of 2021, we’re seeing an online revolt on the heels of Robinhood and other brokers restricting or outright blocking you from trading certain stocks. For some background, GameStop Corp. […]
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A New Approach to Trading the Stock Market

If you’ve spent any amount of time studying the stock market, you’ve likely come across this age-old debate: technical analysis versus fundamental analysis.  Most investors fall into one camp or the other — but neither side wants to admit that the other might be on to something.   For the uninitiated, […]

WPTV: A New Approach To Trading the Stock Market

Most people don’t know this… But after every election, a few select stocks shoot higher — sometimes by double or even triple digits. And investors who know what these stocks are can expect huge payouts in no time flat.  That’s why it’s so important for investors to find the right […]