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This Chart Shows Bullish Setup Forming in the Nasdaq

The Nasdaq and formerly high-flying tech stocks in it have been under heavy scrutiny the past couple of weeks after a major sell-off. But I see a bullish setup coming in the Nasdaq QQQ ETF that trades under the ticker Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1 (Nasdaq: QQQ).  Last week, in […]
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This Is Why We ‘Don’t Fight the Fed’

“Don’t fight the Fed” is an age-old adage on Wall Street… And the Federal Reserve laid all its cards on the table this week, saying it will keep its benchmark interest rate near zero for the foreseeable future. So short-term rates will stay down while long-term rates continue to rise… […]
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The Next BIG, Bullish Tidal Wave That Will Hit Wall Street Is…

Investors are always looking for the next big event that will send stocks either soaring or tanking… And over the next few months and years, I expect corporate stock buybacks to be the next big, bullish tidal wave to hit Wall Street. What is a corporate stock buyback? In the […]
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What 2021’s ‘Mini’ Stock Rotation Into Value Means for You

I’ve been discussing the “tale of two tapes” for the past week or so… And today I’d like to delve into the mini stock rotation into value we’re seeing as people move out of tech stocks. In a nutshell… You have the Nasdaq and growth stocks that have been lagging […]
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How We Reeled In Big Winners While Tech Tanked

I’d like to do something a little different today and talk about some recent winning trades in our Alpha Trade Alerts service.  The market has been pulling back but we managed to reel in four big wins, so I wanted to discuss what goes into my decision-making process.  In order […]
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Why Exchange Stocks Are on Fire

We’re seeing a lot more interest in the stock market these days as retail investors continue to pile into exchange-listed stocks.  In fact, more people are participating in the markets than ever before. So these exchange-listed stocks — simply meaning the exchanges where we trade stocks, options and futures — […]
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Wondering About Big Tech’s Rebound? Here’s the Scoop…

It’s no secret the Nasdaq and some of its high-flying stocks have seen a massive dip of late… leaving many wondering when and if big tech stocks will rebound. So I wanted to give you a quick update and touch on a few things…  What we’re seeing is what I […]
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Will Rising Energy Prices Crush Travel Stocks’ Momentum?

There’s a big connection between energy prices and travel stocks, both of which have been rising recently as people rotate out of tech stocks.  First… Let’s talk oil prices, which have soared since the pandemic lows when the broader stock market crashed from February into March 2020.  In fact, things […]
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Tesla’s Bear Market Is on. Here’s What Comes Next

It’s no secret that Tesla is tanking in a bear market. The king of electric vehicles and its stock have taken an absolute beating the past month or so… So in today’s video, which I just so happened to film at Daytona International Speedway, we’re going to talk about the […]