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Stocks, Crypto Took a Beating. Is It Time to ‘Sell in May and Go Away?’ 

“Sell in May and go away” is one of the most well-known adages on Wall Street. It’s based on historical underperformance over the summer months that usually picks back up in November.  The idea is to sell your stocks in late spring, and then invest again around mid-autumn. And from […]
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How Politics Impacts Wall Street: Inflation and Higher Taxes

With the pandemic pushing things back a month, Monday of this week was Tax Day. What that means for us is sometimes we see a lot of selling right before taxes are due…  And we’ve seen a lot of selling the past few weeks. Stocks made huge moves up in […]
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Elon Musk, Dogecoin and Bitcoin: Where We Go From Here

If you don’t follow the cryptocurrency market, you’re missing out with all of the Elon Musk-Bitcoin news, which sent prices of the world’s top crypto spiraling. You’ve also missed out on the Dogecoin trend… Bitcoin is down over 20% the past week alone, ever since the Tesla CEO tweeted his […]
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Move Over, Bitcoin. Here’s the Next Best Crypto of 2021

I can’t stress enough how much cryptocurrencies has dominated the airwaves lately. Bitcoin saw ridiculous highs, Dogecoin went to the moon — or tried to at least — and Coinbase made its IPO… All in a few months’ time. So you must be asking… What’s next? What is there left […]
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Why the Fed Totally Changing Course on Inflation Is Bad for Stocks

With inflation dominating headlines, many of you have been wondering how it impacts your stocks. I can’t stress enough how important inflation is… But it directly impacts the Federal Reserve, easy money and, more importantly, your bottom line and stocks. The Fed has a dual mandate: keep inflation near 2%, […]
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Looking for Value Amid Sky-High Prices? Try Gold and Silver Stocks

If you’re looking for value in the stock market right now — and a hedge against inflation — gold and silver stocks… are back! It’s no secret that many if not most stocks are overvalued right now. The Dow has ticked to record high after record high of late. The […]
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Gig Economy Stocks are Tanking. Are Any a Buy at Discounted Levels?

We’ve touched on a variety of topics the past couple of weeks… And today I’d like to discuss the sinking gig economy stocks… and whether any are a buy at these heavily discounted levels.  What exactly is the gig economy? Well, since the great financial crisis of 2008, the past […]
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Oil Stocks to Navigate the Specter of Inflation and Rising Energy Prices 

With prices skyrocketing for goods around the country, inflation is on the minds of many Americans. Food and energy prices are two core things the Federal Reserve looks at in regard to inflation. Even the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett said recently he is worried about inflation. And we’ve discussed […]
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Breaking Down the Steel Stocks Boom — and This Week’s Free Trade Alert

Each Monday for the past several weeks, I’ve sent you a watchlist of five stocks that just crossed my “Alpha Line.” And Monday of this week, I sent you my second free trade alert that’s pulled directly from my watchlist — and the stock rose 18% Monday! With President Joe […]