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Welcome to the Slowdown: Moves to Make Ahead of Stagflation

Tuesday’s massive Consumer Price Index data confirmed the inflationary pressures we’ve been talking about for a year.  And Wednesday’s Producer Price Index confirmed that inflationary pressures are still with us… they’re merely shifting around. In my Fortune Research Pro service (if you’d like to sign up, just click here), I […]
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Inflation at Its Highest in 13 Years… and There Might Be More to Come

You couldn’t turn on a T.V. Tuesday without hearing somebody yap about inflation. But I suppose it at least gave CNBC something to talk about instead of the usual leaping from headline to headline. I mean, they still did that too…You can’t run a publicly traded media company dependent on […]

How to Profit From Carbonomics

The amount of capital that has, and will continue to be, deployed into the Carbonomics Sector is mind boggling. It’s in the hundreds of billions and will reach the trillions. But few of the corporations that have committed to reducing their carbon emissions have actual plans to reach their committed […]

Striking Out: A Market Crash, or Another Buying Opportunity?

If you’re like most folks, you probably looked at the somber headlines this morning and got worried. And nobody who can read would blame you… Just look at this garbage. Source: CNBC Don’t get me wrong, the media is doing what it’s supposed to do — say stuff that gets […]

9 Moves to Make as OPEC, 10-Year Treasury Yields Spook Markets

Here we go again. Financial media headlines have zeroed in on Tuesday’s market pullback, throwing every possible rationalization they can think of at readers. Source: CNBC This morning, we started off with the failure of OPEC+ over the long weekend to reach a deal to increase crude oil production. Curiously, […]
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SWAP Lines are One of the Most Important Things You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s a cunning strategy. The U.S. Federal Reserve satisfies the global demand for dollars while maintaining the dollar’s title as the planet-wide currency king. With one brilliant move, it has divided the world into allies and non-allies of the U.S. Today, everyone needs the stability of the USD in a […]

Moves to Make as the Media Focuses on Crypto and Powell

During the last crypto crash in May — when Technoking Elon Musk disavowed his predilection for Bitcoin due to its carbon footprint — we wrote that Bitcoin’s “long-term positive trend won’t officially end until prices get down to about $30,000.” Well, the Cardinal Cryptocurrency dipped down below that bellwether balance […]

Modern Monetary Theory Always Works. Once.

Marin’s Note: We are going to do something different with today’s missive. Today we will allow long time reader and esteemed colleague of ours (who wishes to remain anonymous), Era “the Nature Boy of Finance” Flair, our platform to make his comments. They are well thought out and his angle […]

Inflation, Commodities Crackdown Spook Wall Street. 8 Dips to Buy

Mainstream financial media is once again struggling with ADD as they grasp at straws — headlines are all over the map. CNBC in particular is casting the net awfully wide, with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s comments yesterday taking center stage amidst a rip in interest rates and the U.S. […]