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Why Inflation Isn’t Nearly Done With Us Yet — and What You Should Do

I am laser-focused on economic data releases every week, as they give us the best indication of where markets are headed over the near to medium term. This week, we had the CPI update, which wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been… but that doesn’t ease my outlook for inflation […]
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CPI Data Could Be Historic — How Will the Media Respond?

Who’s ready for some panic? Because I’m certainly expecting it. With the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report coming out on Tuesday, I thought it would be good to touch on the Federal Reserve’s favorite benchmark for inflation… and what to expect from the CPI data. On Thursday this past week, […]
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Is the World Ending or Not? The Media Can’t Decide

When it comes to trading and the media, I get a little frustrated — as you well know. The headlines on Thursday and Friday morning didn’t alleviate that concern either.  Yesterday, as I pointed out to my Venture Society readers, the world was ending.  Source: CNBC I mean just look […]
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Is ‘The Great Reopening Trade’ Coming to an End?

Minutes from the last meeting of the Federal Reserve Board were released earlier today. And to the surprise of very few people, they’re starting to talk about how they might “taper asset purchases.” For those of you who might not be familiar with that terminology, it means that now that […]
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These 4 Indicators Are Telling Us This Market Will Make History

If I had to characterize these last few months of market machinations, the word I would purposefully choose to use is “historic.” But to paraphrase swashbuckling movie character Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, “I don’t-a think it-a means-a what-a-you think it-a means-a.” As supply chains shake off last year’s […]
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The Most Important Stock Market Indicator Right Now

Markets are noisy. Sometimes they move up big… and sometimes they rise just a little. It’s the same thing with down moves, too. And it’s a lot to keep up with without knowing where to look… So today, we’re going to examine the most important stock market indicator for right […]
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How to Play Biden’s Massively Disappointing Infrastructure Deal

Who here subscribes to my other newsletter, Venture Society? Because if you do — and you should — you might realize this week that I might actually know something. Maybe… Because earlier this week I told readers that I had heard some rumblings about an infrastructure bill. And what happened […]
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How to Play the Post-Pandemic Recovery — Starting Now

A stopped clock is right twice a day… I guess. Our readers know we’re not the biggest fans of mainstream media and their “tape bombs.” But, this is a newsletter business after all, so I should know what the hot topics are.  So, as usual, I sit at my desk […]
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Friday’s Hedge Fund Blow Up is the Biggest Buying Opportunity of 2021

Can you smell that? Smells like fear. If you can’t, maybe you can see it instead. Source: Finviz That’s the smell and sight of hedge fund laxbros getting fired in the June 2021 hedge fund blow up.  When they get canned due to performance issues, their bosses sell everything they […]