Jeff Yastine

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The 1 Drone Stock You Must Buy

Let’s talk about the future: Drones. Fortunes are already being made on the promises of what they could do for us. In fact, big names like Amazon and UPS have already started testing drone delivery systems that could bring a new name to next-day delivery… How does getting your package […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Retail REITs: Ready to Buy?

Extra! Extra! REIT all about it! A real estate investment trust (REIT) can be a great way to start investing your money — real estate is the literal playground for the rich and famous for a reason! The substantial income and dividend payouts REITS provide are beautiful, if you know […]
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Buy This “Forgotten” Fuel Cell Stock

You know what’s been a real high-flying sector recently? Fuel cells.  I have an interesting play with a company in this sector… I like to call it the “forgotten man.” I doubt you’ve ever heard about this under-the-radar trading opportunity, especially since I’m the only one that’s talking about it. […]
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Bubble or No Bubble

No one wants to say that the market is in a bubble, and I get it. The term has been overused. But as I watch the S&P 500 and NASDAQ drift higher, I can’t help but notice traders throwing themselves into the same stocks and really driving their prices higher.  […]
Your vote will affect your investments

Last Chance to Sell Facebook

Hey everyone, Jeff Yastine here, and I’m so excited to be the newest trader among the WealthPress team! It’s an honor to be working alongside some of the greatest traders in the world.  Since I want to start our relationship out with a bang, I figured we could just cut […]