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Roger has 25 years of experience trading everything from corn futures to stock options and ETFs. He ran his first fund with two Ivy League economists – both advisers to the White House during multiple presidencies. His clients have included one of the 10 wealthiest families on Earth. In 2008, Roger started his first trading education and publishing company. He’s been featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg and Fox Business.

Tom founded Diversified Trading Institute (DTI) in 1996 and he’s been a professional securities trader and broker since the late 1970s. Tom started with Merrill Lynch in 1980 and became Vice President of Smith Barney in 1984.

Frequently quoted and published in “Active Trader” magazine, Tom actively trades and invests in stocks and options. Guest appearances include CNN, First Business News, MoneyShow.com and Steve Crowley’s “American Scene Radio.” He’s also the author of “Winning the Day Trading Game,” “Trade to Win” and “The Markets Never Sleep.”

Lance is an ex-hedge fund trader that specializes in making large amounts of money in short periods of time. He developed his own software to spot big moves in the market. He uses that information to make aggressive moves, and he doesn't look at trades that can't at least double his money.

Lance left the hedge fund world to have more free time and enjoy the money he makes day trading. He trades to live and does not live to trade, and he loves nothing more than helping his members succeed.

James is a self-taught writer, investor and armchair economist. He tends to go where the action is and looks to uncover hidden gems on Wall Street. James prides himself in taking his years of experience and bringing viewers market updates and direct access to his many connections he’s made over his long and storied career in the industry.

James uses his extensive contacts to analyze the latest market trends and how they — and you — can use this information to grow your investments.

Jeff is from New York and spent two decades on Wall Street learning how the best traders in the world stacked consistent, big profits. He mastered his trading techniques at Pan Capital, where he turned $5.1 million in seed money into more than $700 million. He went an entire decade without a losing quarter.

Jeff also worked on all sides of Wall Street. His investment banking career began when he worked with Bear Stearns founder Alan “Ace” Greenburg, where he was one of Alan’s “PSD’s” — employees who were poor, smart and desirous of wealth.

Adam Sarhan is a 20+ year market veteran, author, and the Founder and CEO of 50 Park Investments - a private Investment firm. 50 Park invests in private businesses/equity and capital markets. In addition to his business, Adam is a contributor to several major financial media outlets including Forbes, CNBC, CBS News, and The Wall Street Journal.

Adam’s book, Psychological Analysis : How to Outsmart the Market One Trade at a Time is due out in Fall 2021. In the book, Adam introduces and sheds light on a new school of thought – Psychological Analysis (PA) – for investing/trading in capital markets.

Chuck Hughes, also known as The Trophy Trader, is a 10-time trading champion and the top award winner in Trading Champion history. Starting with just $4,600, Chuck made over $460,000 in actual profits in his first two years of trading, using a simple system that he designed himself.

Proving itself year after year, Chuck’s continues to profit from his strategy, making $3.5M in the last 7 years alone. Also a published author, Chuck continues to actively trade and enjoys helping members use his system alongside him.

Jeff is a self-taught trader and successful investor. He was an Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent for 17 years at PBS’ “Nightly Business Report.” That’s when he received an informal MBA in valuing a company, analyzing a balance sheet, checking out cash flows, gross margins and all of the metrics that go into a Wall Street research report.

The “outsiders’ insider,” Jeff learned volumes from chatting with chart-reading experts and technical analysis pioneers like Stan Weinstein and Michael Kahn CMT. Now he puts his vast knowledge to work at WealthPress, helping Main Street Americans get ahead on Wall Street.

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